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The CARECYCLING Team stands by it's city offering free scrap metal pick up service to most of California.

 CARECYCLING has team's set up all over California insuring you fast,easy, and reliable service.

   We began by picking up recyclables in the streets and soon began getting calls from our friends and neighbors asking us to pick up there recyclables. So we decided "why not make this our thing?" A few months past and the word spread now we were getting calls from auto mechanics, companies, and friends of friends.

We have picked up  scrap metal, e-waste, and metal cabinet from some big name's thanks to the power of the internet.

Lets make California beautiful.

Stay Green.


    --Because we care


Free metal pick up!

CARECYCLING offers free scrap metal pick up  including aluminum scrap metal, copper scrap metal, steel scrap metal, Appliances like washers & dryers,stoves, microwaves & e-waste including Electric Motors, computers, monitors, & Heavy equipment

Free metal pick up for your home and business! No job is too big or small, fill out our pick up form to have your scrap metal picked up for free today!

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